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Graphic Arts
  We offer a wide spectrum of specialty additives, low foaming, non-foaming and defoaming surfactants, defoamers and pigment dispersing additives that will improve wetting and help you print on low energy substrates; improve adhesion and colour strength; shorten drying time and increase printing speed. It s a colourful world, and making it more colourful is a good example of how we support the graphic arts market. So if you are formulating printing inks for flexography, lithography, gravure or letter press, or manufacturing pigment dispersions, fountain solutions, overprint varnishes, energy curable systems or products for ink jet printing, remember we can meet your requirements. As with all of our offerings, our support means more than just our products. We have a wealth of application know-how and look forward to offering you the support you need to always keep the presses running smoothly.
  Air Products - Service that delivers the difference
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