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Industrial & Institutional Cleaning
  Air Products South Africa supplies a full line of specialty surfactants to the industrial and institutional (I & I) cleaning industry for applications such as hard surface cleaning, laundry, vehicle care and more. We have many years of experience working with cleaning formulators to find affordable ways to clean faster and more effectively while ensuring a healthy and safe environment,including meeting ever-changing environmental regulations. Globally, Air Products is the world’s largest producer of ether amines and ether amine derivatives with an expertise in cationic and amphoteric surfactants.

Additionally, Air Products produces one of the most complete lines of ethoxylated alcohols and alkoxylated non-ionic surfactants. The Tomadol ethoxylates include both synthetic and naturally derived linear primary alcohols. These products are suitable for a wide variety of applications, provide high performance in most detergent formulations, are physiologicallymild on the skin, and are easy to colour and perfume. The Nonidet surfactants are non-ionic surfactants that incorporate both ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to provide a balance of low foam and good detergency.
  Air Products - Service that delivers the difference
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