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  Air Products South Africa has been a major supplier of epoxy and specialty additive technologies to the paints and coatings industry for decades. That experience enables us to work hand-in-hand with formulators of coatings to develop solutions for the challenges of today, and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

We are a leading global supplier of epoxy curing agents, specialty resins, diluents and modifiers providing concrete and metal protection in industrial coatings applications. This includes a line of waterborne epoxy curatives and resins that offer a  combination of high-performance, eco-friendliness and cost benefits. These products are used in industrial maintenance, marine, automotive and aerospace coatings, as well as in other medium to heavy-duty industrial and commercial coatings applications.

Additionally, as pioneers in the shift to waterborne technology , we have unparalleled understanding of how to optimise performance of compliant coatings with our line of specialty additives. Whether you are looking for defect-free surface coatings, adhesion to a difficult substrate or improved colour and rub, and weathering resistance, our growing range of wetting agents, dispersants and de-oamers can help. They are proven performers in a multitude of industrial and specialty coatings including, but not limited to, automotive, architectural, Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), industrial and maintenance, paper, plastic, wood and metal.
  Air Products - Service that delivers the difference
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