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Air Products at the forefront of growth in the Eastern Cape
20 June 2017

Taking the lead to provide a secure supply of industrial gas to the Eastern Cape industries, Air Products proudly launched the first air separation unit (ASU) in the Eastern Cape in the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) in November 2014. The impact of this investment and its contribution to economic growth was highlighted with Air Products being selected as one of the Top 50 Companies in Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) for 2017

According to Managing Director Rob Richardson, the facility in the Coega IDZ formed part of a long-term capital investment pipeline of R2 billion and was aimed at establishing gas supply to serve the local industries. “Air Products was the 29th operational investor in the IDZ and we truly appreciate this award which recognises our contribution to the growth of the Eastern Cape’s regional economy”.

Air Products has been serving customers in Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounding areas from the cylinder fill facility in Deal Party since 1984 until the strategic decision was taken to enhance the region’s supply chain network. With the establishment of the ASU in the Coega IDZ 30 years later, Air Products strengthened its infrastructure in the Eastern Cape as it was no longer necessary to truck in the industrial gas over long distances from other provinces. Establishing a secure supply further supported the competitiveness and sustainability of the business.

Richardson concludes: “We believe that the quality of our technology and our strong emphasis on safety, quality and customer service will enable us to add further value to manufacturing and industrial processes in the region for years to come”.

  Air Products - Service that delivers the difference
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