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Air Products’ safety measured as ‘a perfect 10’
24 February 2017

Key players of Air Products’ health and safety team at the 2016 Noshcon Awards.Back L – R: Sue Nicholls, Maropeng Bahula, Daan Scheepers, Mazila Nkamu, Karen Judd and Elsa Vorster Front L – R: Rushda Thomas, Liezl van der Mescht and Adri BezuidenhoudtAir Products made history for themselves and exceeded their previous records when they walked away with ten awards at the 2016 Noschcon Awards function. It is the most Noscars received in one year and with this record, they have raised the bar for themselves and proved that they are one step closer to excellence. As an organization that is known and respected for their safety track record, Air Products is determined to build on the success of these prestigious accolades.

Seven of the Air Products sites, including Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pinetown, Empangeni, Witbank, Newcastle and Springs received Noscars for continuing to meet the stringent criteria in their last National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA) audits. As the overall sector winner, the Kempton Park Facility also received a Noscar.

In addition to these facilities receiving recognition for their efforts in protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of all our employees, two of the Air Products employees also received individual awards. Sue Nicholls received the “Corporate Group Risk Manager of the Year” award and Rushda Thomas the award for the “Environmental Coordinator of the Year”. These awards highlight the commitment from individuals to continually improve vital aspects of safety, health and environmental management, not only for a specific facility, but for the entire organisation.

Corporate Risk Manager, Sue Nicholls comments on the awards: “Air Products has established a culture with a strong emphasis on health and safety and we appreciate the recognition that we receive for our consistent commitment to safety at the company’s nationwide facilities”.

Sue Nicholls “Corporate Group Risk Manager of the Year” with Justin Hobday (L) and Duncan Carlisle (R) from NOSAAccording to Nicholls, the Noscar criteria are based on achieving high system compliance as well as a low disabling injury frequency rate (DIFR) consistently for 3 consecutive years. The enabling factors for Air Products to achieve and maintain its Noscar status is largely due to the commitment from Air Products’ management and staff, coupled with a sound safety, health and environmental management system

As a leader in the industrial gas industry, Air Products’ safety, health and environmental vision is to be a leader in protecting the environment, health and safety of all our employees, customers and communities in which they operate. In order to make this vision a reality, there is continuous improvement of the safety, health and environmental management system throughout the organisation.

Nicholls explains what it means for the organisation to receive recognition through the Noscars: “Air Products is proud of our achievements and receiving Noscars provides us with the recognition and assurance that we are one of the top performing companies in safety, health and environmental management in South Africa. Furthermore, our employees can see that their efforts to participate in numerous health and safety-related programs have paid off. Lastly, but most importantly, with the recognition from an industry body such as NOSA, our customers are assured that we are managing the risks related to our services and products.”

In conclusion, Nicholls says that she is fortunate to lead such a focused team and that they are building on these awards and aiming to continue to take Air Products’ records even further in the future.

  Air Products - Service that delivers the difference
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