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  Evonik Industries AG (Evonik) is a market leader in the global chemical processing industries, and a long-standing innovator in many industrial chemicals markets, including coatings, adhesives and polyurethane foam. Evonik combines its experience and technology strengths with truly global supply capabilities.

All our offerings are backed up by our expert applications support personnel who rigorously match precise product properties to meet specific end-use applications in close partnership with our customers. Our access to broad technology and a global laboratory network provides significant flexibility.

Epoxy Additives

Evonik offers a full range of performance-oriented epoxy curing agents and modifiers for a wide variety of applications, including coatings, civil engineering, adhesives and composites. They also offer a range of industry-tested, high-performance specialty resins for waterborne coatings applications. Air Products South Africa stock these products locally in South Africa.

Superior technical support and customer service are integral parts of our offering at Air Products South Africa. Our experienced technical specialists have an in-depth understanding of your market requirements and are able to provide valuable formulation development support.

Industrial Chemicals & Amines

Evonik manufactures and markets a broad line of C1 – C4 alkyl amines, including methyl, ethyl, propyl and butylamines, as well as polyfunctional and cyclic amines, and amine derivatives for a wide variety of end uses. They are the world’s largest merchant marketer of methylamines and higher amines. With an excellent feedstock position and large storage capacity, we can ensure long-term supply to our customers.

Polymeric Emulsions

Evonik’s Airflex and Flexbond vinyl-acetate- and acrylic based emulsion polymers provide superior cost/performance benefits in a variety of adhesive applications. They function as high-quality binders providing hydrolytic stability, adhesive strength, thermal stability, a high degree of tack as well as excellent resistance to plasticisers and shrinkage. Applications include packaging, woodbonding/furniture, pressure-sensitives, wall and ceiling coverings, flooring, consumer glues and film laminates.

Evonik Polymers is well positioned to serve the needs of the expanding global marketplace. Customers are supported globally by an extensive network of sales offices staffed with experienced technical application personnel. In addition, they have one of the most highly trained customer service organisations in the business that is ready to discuss product recommendations as well as provide a variety of customer support services to Air Products South Africa in order to enable us to add value to customers.

Polyurethane Chemicals

Evonik’s Polyurethane Chemicals business manufactures and markets a variety of additives, intermediates, and prepolymers and curatives for use in the polyurethane industry. The products are widely used in the automotive, bedding, furniture, appliance, construction, and footwear industries, as well as in a number of other applications.

Our polyurethane additives, including DABCO and POLYCAT amine and metal-based catalysts, DABCO and LK surfactants, and other DABCO additives, provide performance and processing advantages in the production of all types of polyurethane foam.

AIRTHANE and VERSATHANE TDI and IPDI polyurethane prepolymers and VERSALINK curatives offer excellent processing properties and enhanced performance in cast elastomer and adhesives applications.

Polyurethane Intermediates

Evonik manufactures and markets a line of intermediates mainly used in polyurethane applications. Included are Dinitrotoluene (DNT), Metatoluenediamine (TDA) and Ortho-toluenediamine (OTD). DNT and TDA are both used primarily as flexible polyurethane foam intermediates. OTD is used as an intermediate for polyols, antioxidants, and corrosion inhibitors.

Surfynol & Dynol Additives

Versatile Surfynol and Dynol Surfactants – to make formulator’s lives much easier. Evonik’s Surfynol surfactants are a line of chemically unique products that provide specific performance benefits in a broad range of end uses. The Surfynol product line includes wetting agents, defoamers, dispersants and pigment grind aids. 

Multifunctional Problem Solvers

Surfynol surfactants are a range of non-ionic Gemini surfactants based on acetylenic diol chemistry. Gemini surfactants contain two hydrophiles and at least two hydrophobes within a single molecule and are more surface-active than their single hydrophile/single hydrophobe analogs. Surfynol surfactants can be used to solve numerous common formulating problems and provide a unique combination of performance benefits in various end use applications. Surfynol 104 surfactant, the core product of this line, has a unique chemical structure that provides multifunctional properties such as surface tension reduction and foam control.

In addition to Surfynol 104, other members of the Surfynol surfactant family include the ethoxylated Surfynol 400 series, ethoxylated/propoxylated products such as Surfynol 2502 and many other formulated products that are designed to meet specific needs. Depending upon the formulation, certain Surfynol surfactants can offer a combination of benefits, including wetting, dispersancy and defoaming with minimal effect on water sensitivity.

A New-Generation Surfactant

Dynol 604 surfactant is a revolutionary, nonionic wetting agent that is ideal for high-performance waterborne applications. It has the unique ability to reduce both equilibrium and dynamic surface tension to a degree not found with other surfactant chemistries. An outstanding balance of properties makes it an excellent alternative for difficult-to-wet substrates requiring good flow and levelling under diverse application conditions. Also, the use of acetylenic glycol-based Dynol 604 surfactant will reduce or eliminate problems such as increased foaminess, water sensitivity, or intercoat adhesion often associated with other additive classes. 

EnviroGem AE Surfactants – Readily Biodegradable, Low Foam Wetting Agents

The EnviroGem AE range of surfactants is the latest low-foam wetting agents to be introduced by Evonik. These unique additives are 100% active low-viscosity liquids based on non-ionic Gemini surfactant technology. They show excellent dynamic surface tension reduction and outstanding foam control. All three products in the EnviroGem AE range are classed as ‘readily biodegradable’ according to OECD test guidelines. These surfactants are APE-free and also exhibit low to moderate toxicity towards aquatic organisms.
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