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  Ultra-high purity gases and gas mixtures require the use of specially designed and engineered gas handling equipment to ensure that the gases reach the point of use at the required purity, pressure and flowrate.

Air Products supplies a comprehensive range of such gas regulating, control and handling equipment. Much of this equipment is manufactured in our own facility, which enables us to apply rigid standards to design, engineering, assembly and control functions. Rigorous quality control, including extensive leak-testing, is applied to all regulating equipment before shipping.

Air Products pursues a continuous research and development programme into handling and control equipment for gaseous and liquid chemicals, being backed by many years experience.

Our engineers are always available to assist in new development areas where conventional technology is inadequate.

Flow Control Equipment

Air Products South Africa designs and builds state-of-the-art flow control systems for combustion applications from simple oxygen enrichment and lancing skids to boost burner systems and full furnace multi-burner controls for the largest float furnaces. We work with your individual control requirements to deliver a cost-effective, reliable and safe system. Standard systems are available for oxygen, natural gas, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), oil and other fuels.

Tin bath inerting is achieved using blends of nitrogen and hydrogen to purge and capture any oxygen above the bath. Air Products manufactures custom-blending equipment to provide the safest, lowest cost operation.


BIP (Built-in Purifier) technology is a complete purification system contained within a cylinder. It consists of a purifier bed and a patented valve. Gas filling the cylinder bypasses the purifier. It is then purified as it is withdrawn through the purifier bed.
  Air Products - Service that delivers the difference
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